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Welcome to Brickstudio Films!


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Featured Lego News


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Latest Brickfilm

Apollo 11 is the latest brickfilm released so far!

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Lego BattleBots!

The Brickworld Chicago 2019 Lego BattleBots Championship


The City At Night!

Many beautiful shots of the city at night with blue moonlight shining from above

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Featured Brickfilms

Lego Snowball Fight

Two Boys get into a very competitive snowball fight...

Lego Bowling

Two Friends go bowling. Not long into the first match it gets very competitive and exiting...

My Lego City

I have had a Lego City for over nine years with a constantly growing population. Here you can see what my Lego City looks like and all completed projects including MOCs, trains, and LED additions. This city includes a harbor, a detailed airport, a forest, many MOCs (which you can see here) and much more!

News and Updates

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Next Brickfilms

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This is where you can learn about my latest plans and videos



All MOCs that I have put on Lego Ideas are here- MOCs that did not get on Lego Ideas can be found on NikBrick2000

Behind the Scenes


Here you can see some behind the scenes images of almost every brickfilm I have created.

 Lego News

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All updates and news for the brand will be posted here

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If you have any questions about how I make my videos, what I will be making, and anything inbetween feel free to send me an email!

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