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About Brickstudio Films

Brickstudio Films is a YouTube channel dedicated to publishing monthly brickfilms and sometimes a modular building in between. I currently animate at 10 frames per second with my phone as a camera. My equipment includes 4 desk lamps, my computer with Stopmotion Studio Pro for animating, and Final Cut Pro for editing and effects.

About: Inner_about
About: Inner_about

Brickfilming History of Brickstudio Films

I started in early 2016 with a minifigure test, then I made a story of two people's adventures in the mountains. Later that year I tried making a Lego school brickfilm but realized that I didn't have a proper camera, lighting system, enough lego bricks, or space to film. That was when I gave up and forgot about brickfilming for about 6 months. Finally in December that year, I got a proper camera and all the necessary equipment for filming, and got to work setting up my channel.

NikBrick and Brickstudio Films

Channel Information 

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NikBrick is the second channel of the Brickstudio Films brand which includes videos about what will be on the main channel in the near future. New videos every Saturday at 9:00 am EST

This channel includes the following content:


1. More MOC videos (smaller MOCs like gear I made for making videos will be featured here)

2. Work-in-progress MOC videos (including time-lapsed videos of building them)

3. storytimes

4. lego accessory (3rd party products) reviews

5. installing lights in the city

6. city updates (small changes, lights, new building, etc.)

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Brickstudio Films

Brickstudio Films, the main channel, makes one brickfilm (a lego stop motion video) every single month and sometimes a MOC video in between. Expect new videos Every month at 3:pm EST

This channel includes the following content:


1. Brickfilms

2. MOCs

3. Occasionally storytime videos (mostly on NikBrick)

4. channel updates when necessary 

5. Special events (ie. Falcon Heavy launch)

Channel info

My First Brickfilms

Minifigure Test

This was my very first brickfilm. I used my computer camera for this as I had no other source, then put it together and edited it in iMovie

Mountain Brickfilm

This was my second brickfilm. I was unable to control light flicker or camera movement as all I had was my lego collection, my computer, and a camera for this. The camera was neither secured to the ground nor had a remote function, forcing me to press the button for each photo.

Lego School

This unfinished brickfilm was the first one that would have had a little more plot and a story to it. When I was making this I realized that I just did not have enough space on the table I was filming on, or the bricks to make more sets, so I abandoned this and all my other plans for brickfilming until I could get the supplies.

About: Project

My First Creations

The images below show some of my first large lego projects


Old Church

This was the first lego building other than a house that I built.


Tall House

I was inspired to build this after I saw a similar house on TV. It consists of a garden below an elevated house.


Lego Mansion

This was a fairly large build for what I was used to at the time so I decided to build a lot of accessories into it. This building included a swimming pool on the roof, a chandelier, and a garage door that could fold and retract into the garage.

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Lego Airplane and airport

This airplane was one of the largest lego vehicles, as well as lego projects I made at that time. If you look closely you can see that I tried to write "Lego Airlines" on the sides.  It contained a large cargo bay, retractable landing gear- with the front one being able to turn- and 4 doors. It also had fully functional ailerons, elevator, and rudder.



This may not be the oldest building on this list but it is the only one that has survived to this day. About every year I would add on to it in some way up until a couple of years ago. I will make a video on the latest design soon.


City Bistro

This was not an early creation but it still deserves a place on this list as it was my first lego Ideas project.

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