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Below are all of my lego animations from Lego Camping in 2017 to the Lego Apollo 11 Mission today.

Apollo 11 Mission

A stop motion animation of the Apollo 11 mission 

Falcon Heavy Test Flight Animation

A full Lego stop motion animation of the Falcon Heavy Flight Test in February

Falcon Heavy test flight

The Great Easter Prank

The best Lego story that combines Easter and April Fool's!

Easter Prank
Snowball fight
2018 new year
Lego Zoo

Lego Zoo

A class goes on a field trip to the zoo. Soon two friends get lost from the group and go on an adventure...

Anchor 1

Lego Bowling

A Lego boy, his father, and his friend go bowling. Watch until the very end to see the exciting adventures and competition!

New Year's Eve

At The end of the year, all the figures get together to celebrate the new year...

Snowball Fight

After escaping his room to build a snowman, Jack gets attacked by his friend. Soon they get into a huge snowball fight...

Lego Christmas Special

In this magical time of year, two brothers  experience the best christmas possible...

Lego Thanksgiving

Watch a lego family prepare for a big feast with friends and family. Recreating the first thanksgiving...

Holliday season trailer

Many exiting moments lie ahead of us for the rest of the year..

Lego Halloween

A group of lego kids goes trick or treating. Watch this video to see their odd adventures...

Lego School

After a nice, long summer break school has to start again...

Eclipse 2017

The 2017 nationwide eclipse was an amazing site to see. Even for our Lego figures!

Summer Party

At the end of a long summer, a huge party is held in Lego City...

Towing Service

After a long vacation all the Lego family wants is to go home and rest. Soon they end up spending the rest of their day away from home...

Lego Camping

A Lego family goes camping. Little do they know what adventures lie ahead of them...

Apollo 11 brickfilm
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