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Here I will post news on any channel updates/ news, channel milestones, or any other new things.

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Lego News: News

Brickstudio Films Hits 10,000 Subscribers!

On February 10, 2020, The Brickstudio Films youtube channel reached 10,000 subscribers! 10,000 of you are now subscribed to and enjoying my content! I never thought we would get this far on youtube, thank you, each and every one of you!


Lego Apollo 11 Mission

50 Years ago today on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon, followed by Buzz Aldrin. Michael Collins was in the command module orbiting around the Moon as Neil and Buzz explored the surface. Four days prior on July 16, 1969, at 09:32 EST The Saturn V carrying the 3 astronauts took off on Launchpad 39A in Cape Canaveral.

Apollo 11

Lego BattleBots At Brickworld!

At Brickworld Chicago 2019, there was a Lego BattleBots championship.

Battle bots

Brickworld Chicago 2019

Brickworld Chicago 2019 had a lot of great builds especially all the rockets for this year's space theme. 40 of the 400 pictures I took are shown above, more videos about the convention will come soon on the NikBrick channel

brickworld 2019
census 2018.png

Census 2018

Since 2013 a census has been conducted on the city counting the total population. In 2018 there were 525 minifigures in the city, 225 of which men, 224 women, and 76 children. See more here

Best Of 2018

While this year may not have been as successful as I hoped, I did manage to improve my animating and editing skills along with launching a new channel, which you can learn more about here.

40 year figure aniversity.png

Minifigures Turn 40!

On August 28th, 2018 the mini figure turned 40 years old! Without these many of us wouldn't have loved lego as much as we do- or make stop-motion videos.

minifigure birthday

New Channel!

From live MOC work-in-progress videos to extra city update videos my new YouTube Channel NikBrick has all the awesome stuff Brickstudio Films was going to have but didn't fit the channel.

New Channel

Brickworld 2018

This year I went to the Brickworld Chicago convention. I had a great time meeting people I know from online stores and looking at all the amazing builds. I only put 25 of my 300+ images in the gallery below. Yes- 300+. And I didn't even catch everything. There was A LOT to look at.