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My Lego City

Ever since I got my first lego set I always had a city.  The city that you see here was started in 2011 but I had other versions before then. Since 2015 I have recorded the growth of this city. I have also recorded its population since 2013 in my Census. Below are various shots from 2015-2019 as well as the forest and airport.

My Lego City: Widget
My Lego City: City tour

March 29, 2018

Full City Tour!

This is the full 2018 City Tour video!

City News

Here is where I post all news and updates about my city.

July 12, 2018

Additional Lights For The City

Newly installed lights in the city.

July 12, 2018

Additional Lights For The City

The best shots of the city at night with all lights on covered by a beautiful blue hue from one a lamp.

Lights 2018

March 18, 2018

More Lights in the City!

I just installed many new lights in the city.

Lego Lights early 2018

December 26, 2017

First Person View from Lego Trains!

I recently got this small 1080p action camera for my Lego trains. In the next few weeks I will have a video of my trains going through my tunnels and around my city.

My Lego City: News

December 23, 2017

First lights arrive

I finished installing the first set of lights to my city today. These are really good, small, and affordable lights to light up any lego city, or animation.

My Lego City: News
city images

City Images

Below are yearly images of my city from 2015 to today.

IMG_5129 2_edited.jpg

2018 Images

July  12, 2018

This is what my city looked like in 2018


2017 Images

July  19, 2017

This is what my city looked like in 2017


2016 Images

June 15, 2016

Shots of the city in 2016


More 2016 Images

July 27, 2016

Here are some pictures from another lego city that I temporarily built.


2015 Images

December 30, 2015

Here are my earliest images of my city, dating back to February 2015.


2019 Images

Febuary 17, 2019

This is what my city looked like in 2019



Every year on the 31st of December I put all of my minifigures together and count them, organize them by job and location. Then I find how many men, women, and children there are and put all of my research into my census of that year. Here is a brief summary of each year's population.

Census 2019

In 2019 My city had a total population of 600 Minifigures. 

There Were 260 men, 260 women, and 80 children in 2019. 

This was also the first year no picture of the figures was taken.

Census 2018

In 2018 My city had a total population of 525 Minifigures. 

There Were 225 men, 224 women, and 76 children in 2018.

census 2018.png

Census 2017

In 2017 My city had a total population of 410 Minifigures. 

There Were 178 men, 167 women, and 65 children in 2017.

census 2017

Census 2013

In 2013 my city had a total population of 87 minifigures. This was my very first census.

census 2013.png
census 2014.png

Census 2014

In 2014 my city had a total population of 155 minifigures.

There were 124 men, 19 women, and 12 children in 2014.

census 2015.JPG

Census 2015

In 2015 My city had a total population of 240 minifigures.

There were 159 men, 55 women, and 26 children in 2015


Census 2016

In 2016 My city had a total population of 345 minifigures.

There were 160 men, 130 women, and 55 children in 2016

census 19
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